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During the first half of February, 2012, Nass Cancelliere successfully resolved five mesothelioma cases on behalf of its clients.  These cases included two living victims of asbestos caused mesothelioma, both women, who are only 52 and 62 years old.  The other three victims died from their mesothelioma.  They were ages 78, 81 and 85.  Unlike Philadelphia asbestos cases in the past, these cases were to be tried individually, one after the other.  In three of the cases, juries were either selected or were in the process of being selected.   Nass Cancelliere was able to adapt to the quickly changing landscape of Philadelphia asbestos litigation and Court rules.  Notably, David Brenner of our firm serves on the Court’s Rules Implementation Committee.

Each of the victims or their families will receive substantial compensation.  At Nass Cancelliere, we keep our client’s settlement amounts confidential.  We do not think it is appropriate to publicize settlement amounts.  Publicizing amounts can put clients at risk.

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