I am a retired personal injury lawyer from Kenosha Wisconsin. During my practice, I never represented an injured client who was insured by Medicare. Normally, health insurance carriers would be involved. During my 40 years of practice, I was always able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance carriers so that my client would receive a portion of the settlement for the personal injuries that he or she sustained. My best friend’s wife recently sustain horrific injuries when, as a pedestrian, she was run over by an automobile. The police report makes it clear that the driver of the car was 100% at fault. That driver has only $100,000 of liability coverage. The amount that Medicare will pay will probably be at least five times that amount. My question is whether or not it is possible to negotiate with the Medicare contractor so that his wife would receive at least a portion of that policy for the serious, most likely permanent, injuries, she sustained? If necessary, we may have to get your law firm involved to help her out. Thank you very much Ken Baumgartner.