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Italian Study Reveals Devastating Impact Of Asbestos Exposure When Lung Cancer Deaths Are Included With Mesothelioma Deaths

A study by Italian researchers suggests that mesothelioma ––the rare, terminal disease –– is only part of the story. In looking at the number of asbestos-exposed workers who died of lung cancer and comparing it to the number of mesothelioma victims among the same groups.

The researchers reviewed lung cancer and mesothelioma research published between 1999 and 2019, with a focus on those who worked with asbestos-cement, in shipyards and on docks, on glass workers, insulators, and miners, as well as the construction industries. The results showed that the danger of asbestos exposure is more significant when lung cancer deaths are added to mesothelioma deaths. The ratio of lung cancer deaths to mesothelioma deaths reported were:

  • 1.1 ratio for workers in the cement asbestos industry
  • 2.7 for those engaged in shipbuilding and related industries
  • 2.8 for construction workers

The team concluded that “to provide an overall assessment of the impact of the occupational asbestos exposure, it is important to consider lung cancer cases in addition to malignant mesotheliomas.”

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