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Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions About Philadelphia Accident Lawsuits

The attorneys of the Philadelphia accident law firm of Nass Cancelliere, address the common misconceptions and myths about accident lawsuits. There are many misconceptions when it comes to accidents, first and foremost of which is the belief that your insurance company will help with all claims. Awareness of the reality of this and other myths can help you better safeguard your rights.

You won’t need a lawsuit — your insurance company will take care of you

Clients often forget that insurance companies are businesses and their goal is to make money, not pay it out. If your insurance company instructs you not to contact an attorney, that usually means they want to offer you a settlement they know is lower than what you could get with a lawyer’s assistance. Pay close attention to your accident adjuster’s questions and requests, such as asking if he can record your statements. He does not have your best interests at heart, no matter what he might say to the contrary.

You have to talk to the insurance adjustors

You have the right to refuse to talk to an adjustor without your attorney present. This goes double for the other driver’s insurance adjustor, should one contact you directly. Though they might make a show of wanting to “get this all taken care of quickly and fairly,” the truth is they want to find a way to pay you as little as possible, or nothing at all. Just refer them to your lawyer for all future contact.

Lawyers just want to sue somebody

Some legal claims that arise following an accident can be settled without a lawsuit. A Philadelphia attorney skilled in accident law, arbitration options, and out-of-court settlement agreements can often get you money well beyond what the insurance company would have offered without resorting to a lawsuit. However, should it become necessary to sue to get you everything you deserve, you want an attorney on your side that won’t shy away from the courtroom.

Settle quickly – If you ned further compensation, just demand it later

Unfortunately, except in the case of medical bills accrued following an automobile accident, if you later find out that an injury is worse than you first thought and you require surgery or other medical treatment, you are out of luck if you previously accepted a limited settlement. Rather than risk not being covered down the line, utilize an attorney to ensure you receive enough in your settlement to cover any future losses.

You can not sue if you contributed to the accident

Not true. Both drivers in the accident may be at fault in some way, but that doesn’t disqualify you from suing for at least partial compensation for injuries or loss of property. Pennsylvania has a comparative negligence provision in its Pennsylvania Code of Law that provides possible claim options for injured drivers that are found to have contributed in some way to their accidents. Your lawyer will know how to apply this law to your situation and see to it that you receive as much of a settlement as you are entitled to collect.

For more information, contact the Philadelphia accident law firm of Nass Cancelliere by calling 215-546-8200, or submitting our Quick Contact web form. We will clear up any remaining misconceptions regarding accidents, injury claims, and lawsuit options as they relate to your particular case.

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