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  • California Women Awarded $43 Million In Compensatory Damages

California Women Awarded $43 Million In Compensatory Damages

A 64-year-old California woman diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma was awarded $43 million in compensatory damages by a Los Angeles County jury. Deanne Warren and her husband Craig blamed Algoma Hardwoods Inc. for her fatal condition, accusing the company of negligence related to asbestos in its fireproof doors. It is one of the largest asbestos verdicts since courts across the nation reopened last year.

The verdict, all compensatory damages, followed two weeks of in-person trial. The jury found Algoma Hardwoods Inc. liable for Deanne Warren’s mesothelioma, which she got in 2019 after being exposed to asbestos. The lawsuit had facts similar to those in a South Carolina case, where a jury awarded $32 million last year to a woman who got mesothelioma from doing laundry, exposing herself to asbestos dust that was on the clothes her husband wore while at work.

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