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  • Cancer Vaccine To Be Tested with Immunotherapy On Mesothelioma Patients in Norway

Cancer Vaccine To Be Tested with Immunotherapy On Mesothelioma Patients in Norway

A cancer vaccine that has already demonstrated effectiveness when used on malignant melanoma, prostate cancer and lung cancer in studies will be tested on mesothelioma patients. The novel UV1 vaccine, which has also proven to be safe, is being tested by a research team at Oslo University Hospital in Norway as part of a mesothelioma clinical trial along with a promising immunotherapy combination.

UV1 is a peptide-based vaccine designed to induce a specific T-cell response and increase the effectiveness of the immunotherapy drugs. This is the first time UV1 will be studied with mesothelioma cancer, UV1 is a product of Ultimovacs, a pharmaceutical company based in Oslo, Norway. The study will soon move into six other national hospitals, covering Sweden, Spain, Denmark and Australia.

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