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  • EPA Report Cites Six Categories Of Asbestos As Posing Unreasonable Risk

EPA Report Cites Six Categories Of Asbestos As Posing Unreasonable Risk

In late December 2020, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the first part of a Final Risk Evaluation for Asbestos. Six ongoing use categories of asbestos were evaluated by the EPA, which found 16 conditions of use that presented unreasonable risk to human health through either occupational exposures or consumer uses.

This latest report, the EPA found unreasonable risk in the occupational conditions:

  • Processing and industrial use of asbestos diaphragms in the chloralkali industry
  • Processing and industrial use of asbestos-containing sheet gaskets in chemical production
  • Industrial use of asbestos-containing brake blocks in the oil industry
  • Commercial use of aftermarket automotive asbestos-containing brakes/linings
  • Commercial use of other asbestos-containing friction products
  • Commercial use of other asbestos-containing gaskets.

The findings released last month are the same as those EPA finds in March, which were criticized and thought to underestimate the dangers of asbestos exposure.

Read the EPA report here.

This is the first of a two part study by EPA.

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