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  • Farmers and Agricultural Workers At Risk For Mesothelioma

Farmers and Agricultural Workers At Risk For Mesothelioma

Most of us think of industrial and heavy industry jobs when we think of workers exposed to asbestos. However, a  study conducted by Italian researchers has found that the deadly mineral endangered employees in other, less obvious settings, including agricultural laborers employed by farms.

Much of the equipment and machinery used on farms is known to contain asbestos products. Newer sources of asbestos exposure on farms may come from machinery parts, including aftermarket brakes, brake linings, other vehicle friction materials and gaskets.

Older farm buildings — including farmhouses, barns, silos, pens and sheds — are highly likely to contain asbestos construction materials. Asbestos cement pipes were commonly used as field drains on farmlands. Repair and maintenance of equipment, machinery and farm structures could expose farmers to asbestos.

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