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How Hard is it to Appeal a Workers’ Comp Claim Denial?

The Philadelphia workers comp laws – that is, the statutes as they apply throughout Pennsylvania – are intended to be a smooth means for workers to find financial resolution to workplace injuries. If you were injured or made sick by conditions at your job, you are entitled to coverage of medical costs and a portion of your lost income.

The system is designed to prevent fraud, and therefore many claims are denied. However, a single denial is not the end. A Philadelphia workers compensation attorney typically hears many myths about reasons why it is difficult to get proper benefits from the program. The fact is, approaching the system with a lawyer who works in this area raises the chances of success considerably. The insurance company for your employer that provides this benefit is well prepared to fight claims with its own legal department. You are highly advised to use an equally skilled law firm to represent your interests.

It is possible to file an Appeal Form with the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board on your own. However, the appeal process comes with many requirements, including:

  • You have only 20 days from the Circulation Date to appeal a judge’s decision.
  • A Proof of Service page must be completed (including mailing a copy of the appeal to all listed parties).
  • You must also provide a clear (and convincing) statement on why you believe the judge’s decision was wrong.

The lawyers at the Philadelphia-based law firm of at [ln::firm_name]. understand the workers’ compensation system. They work with injured workers to help them get the compensation they deserve (the firm also has offices in Media, Pennsylvania and Westmont, New Jersey). Speak with an attorney to learn how we can fight a claim denial on your behalf.

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