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  • Insurance Company Ordered by Court To Pay Mesothelioma Claim

Insurance Company Ordered by Court To Pay Mesothelioma Claim

A claim was filed by David Rollins, who blamed his malignant mesothelioma on exposure to asbestos brought home on his stepfather’s clothing. Rollins’ stepfather had worked at the Bowater Paper Mill, where Covil Corporation’s asbestos-contaminated thermal insulation and building materials had been installed. Rollins filed suit against Covil seeking compensation for his illness.

Though Covil’s insurance company Pennsylvania National Mutual Casualty tried to evade responsibility for the claim, a South Carolina court determined that they were required to participate in compensating a man who blamed his illness on the insurer’s client.

Covil filed a breach of contract action against Penn, alleging that although Penn attended the mediation, it refused to participate in the settlement and refused to contribute $50,000 to the settlement.

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