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  • Veterans At Risk For Mesothelioma

Veterans At Risk For Mesothelioma

Each year, some 10,000 veterans die from asbestos-related diseases. Veterans account for nearly one-third of the mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year, especially those who served in military occupations where asbestos was present. While all branches of the military uses asbestos, it was used extensively in naval vessels.

Asbestos Attorneys Experienced In Veterans Mesothelioma Cases

Since 1983, the Philadelphia-based law firm of Nass Cancelliere has assisted thousands of personal injury and asbestos victims in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The firm has collected over $100,000,000 in compensation for its clients and has been instrumental in changing many of the laws in Pennsylvania to help asbestos victims. Our vast personal injury experience is now being put to use in representing victims in cases of ovarian cancer brought on by the use of talcum powder. Contact our office today or call (215) 546-8200 to speak with an attorney.

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