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What Legal Recourse Do You Have When a Product Causes Injury?

When a component of your car, truck, motorcycle or a recreational vehicle (ATV, boat, Jet Ski or snowmobile) breaks down, you probably visit a mechanic. However, when that breakdown causes injury or death in eastern Pennsylvania – for example, if the vehicle failed to brake in time to avoid an accident – the injured are advised to get emergency medical treatment, then call Philadelphia products liability attorneys.

Even something as simple as a parking brake failure can lead to injury and death. Honda recalled 800,000 vehicles at the end of 2012, a worrying number, as it was just one of 10 major recalls by the auto industry that year. Equally disturbing is how a Honda minivan slipping out of its parking position can leave a path of death and destruction in hilly terrain.

A Philadelphia defective product lawyer often gets involved in any type of product failure cases – the injuries inflicted can be severe and deadly, and the medical costs can be considerable. Consider who and what is affected by defective products:

  • Injured infants and young children – Home appliances, toys, cleaning products and tools can cause permanent disabilities and death.
  • Injured children or adults – Pharmaceutical products can make a medical condition worse, not better.
  • Destroyed property – When a household product causes a fire, it can destroy homes and lives.

Most parents and homeowners would rather that everything works according to how they are advertised. However, when they don’t and expensive injury results, contact the attorneys at [ln::firm_name]. Based in Philadelphia, the firm has considerable experience representing plaintiffs in product liability lawsuits. The firm also has offices in Media, Pennsylvania and Westmont, New Jersey.

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